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People often play Poker for different reasons. Some people play for the excitement and the thrill of winning, while others play to make money. Regardless of your reason for playing, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning and reduce the amount of money you lose.

In this post, we’ll discuss some tips that will help you improve your Poker99 game. While some of this information also applies to other versions of Poker, we’ll be focusing on Poker99 in particular.

Number 1: Know Your Limit

It’s important that you always know the limits of any game you’re playing, whether it’s $1/$2 or $500/$1000. Knowing what your bankroll is and sticking with that limit will help you avoid going broke and enable you to play for a longer period of time.

Number 2: Know When to Fold ‘Em

If you don’t have any pairs or better, then it’s usually not worth the risk to stay in the game. There are times when staying in with such poor cards might work out (if everyone else folds), but those situations happen less often than most people believe. It’s best to put your stack at risk if you think you can win with whatever cards you have; otherwise, it’s probably smarter to fold where possible.

Number 3: Splitting Pairs is OK

Most players refuse to split pairs because they want their two matching cards as high as possible. However, it’s sometimes correct to split a pair and catch something higher than a pair on the flop or turn.

For example, if you have AKQ of hearts and the flop comes down Q72 rainbow, splitting your pair is probably smart because you can easily get outkicked by four of a kind since two players still have two left cards that could help them beat your hand.

Another reason why it’s OK to split pairs is when you’re going for a draw (i.e., an inside straight or flush draw). In this case, drawing out one of the cards in your hand is important, so you’ll want to keep even money bets in play in order to see if you make your hand.

Number 4: Always Bet Around Two-thirds of Your Hand

Your goal is to win the most money by the end of the hand. To do that, you need to bet at least two-thirds of your hand on every street (assuming you don’t improve). By always betting around two-thirds of your hand, you make it difficult for other players to draw out on you if they catch good cards. This also makes it more likely that they’ll call or fold when you make bets with hands like low pairs or small flush draws.

Number 5: Improve Your Game by Learning How to Play Bad Hands Well

Even if you have a poor starting hand, there are still many ways that you can get yourself out of the hole. For instance, you might flop a pair or two pairs but also get lucky and hit trips on the turn or river.

Sometimes, you’ll even catch an inside straight draw on the flop or turn. In these situations, it’s important to know how many outs you have so you can determine if it’s worth checking and calling.

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