• It is not true that slot machines can get “hot” or “cold”. A random number generator which is contained in the machine’s software determines the odds of hitting a winning combination. These odds are exactly the same with every spin.
    • (An exception: When you play at UK-style AWP machines you are playing a progressive game. This means that your chances of winning actually increase over time in the case that the machine has not paid anybody yet. Many of these machines will actually “force” wins on players so as to conform with the payout percentage).
  • With the possible exception of a few jurisdictions, slot machines can be expected to never be “due to be hit” if they have not recently paid out a jackpot. You have an equal chance of winning on a machine that just paid out the jackpot as on a losing machine.
  • The placement of slot machines on the gaming floor involves a science, but the highest paying machines are not always put in high-traffic areas. Machines of similar payback percentages are typically grouped together, and there is usually a 1% or less difference between machines in the group.
  • The use of a slot club card will not affect the machine’s payout percentage, but it does allow the casino to keep track of the sums wagered by an individual player so that it may issue complimentaries.
  • Casinos cannot alter the machine’s percentages in most jurisdictions, by the time of day, the day of the week, or remotely by use of a computer. The alteration of the percentage payouts on these machines is a complex process which involves physically replacing parts from inside the machine, and in some jurisdictions without regulatory oversight, cannot be done.
    • (Exception #1: UK-style AWP machines are allowed to have their percentage altered with ease through the use of a percentage key (which is inserted onto the machines motherboard) or by the use of dip switches. At the present time in the UK, no requirement exists for this to be supervised or reported.)
    • (Exception 2: In many markets usually in wide area networks of multiple venues and thousands of machines, where central monitoring and control systems are employed to link machines for security and auditing purposes, the player return can often be changed by the use of a central computer rather than having it done at each individual machine. By configuring the machine remotely, a complete range of percentages are selected and preprogrammed into the game software.)

· A winning slot machine can be spotted. The only way you might be able to spot a winning slot machine is at the time that the bells are ringing and the money is dropping out. Slot machines employ random number generators and that’s all there is to that. Random is random.

· Near the cashier, aisle ways, etc., casinos place loose slots. If this were actually the fact, they would be the only machines being play. Casino mixe up their slots all over the casino floor. No one who has any experience at playing slot machines would over make a statement like this.

· To determine your odds, count the number of symbols on the reels. This is a mathematical impossibility. Remember that the RNG (random number generator) is what determines the stops. There are literally millions of possible combinations on a 3 reel slot machine. This means that there is no way of pre-determining the odds through the use of the the symbols on the reels alone.

· From the back office, casinos are actually able to tighten or loosen slot machines. To change the payout of a slot machine you have to change the computer chip. There is no casino that can just flip a switch.

· If you pull the slot machine handle you are more likely to win then when you press the spin button and visa versa. This is nice again false. There is no difference, since the computer only using these as a mechanism for starting the game. Only the computer can determine a win or a loss and even before the first reel stops spinning, it has already determined if you are a winner or loser.· When you play withhot coins your chances are improved. Again, it makes no difference.As mentioned above, it is the computer that determines a win or loss and the warmth of the machine or of the money is of no relevance. It’s funny then that people are still burning their fingers with lighters thinking that this will help.

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