In many Asian countries two gambling formats won the hearts of the most number of people in the low to middle-income category. It is the lottery (often referred to as togel) and the scratch cards. Both number games, both cheap and accessible.

How does the lottery work and what are the winning odds?

In lottery, you chose a set of numbers from a larger set of numbers, or the board. You then pay for these and you get a ticket that is both your receipt and your proof when validating a win. Draws happen every set schedule, usually weekly or twice of that. A mchine would randomly choose a set of numbers and the jackpot is won if a player have correctly bet on all the numbers in one board.

If there is more than one player who “won” then the jackpot is split between them. If there is no winner, then the prize rolls over onto the next draw, doubling the jackpot amount. This means more players in the next draw as the lure of the prize pulls more people in.

There are minor wins to be hit as well—being set of incomplete numbers from the same draw. Like, say getting half or more of the drawn numbers and missing one or two to win the big one. In this case, there are secondary prizes to be had.

How scratch cards work and what are the winning odds?

Scratch cards or scratch-offs is another format of the numbers game like lottery. But these are simpler and has instant winnings—thus also called the instant games. Generally, these cards are cheaper than betting on the lottery. They do have lower jackpots than the other game though. But with many variants, they may need higher prices than lotteries, but with bigger prizes as well.

Because there are only a set number of tickets printed for each set, the odds for scratch cards are more realistic.

Why scratch cards are better—sticking to one game, a strategy,

Even if it was just another card, scratch cards provide instant winnings and the chances to getting that one big win is also better when compared to the moon-strike that is the lottery odds. By sticking to just one, either lotteries or scratch cards, then with a limited and disciplined budget, you can get more from any one game than waffling between them. Both are cheap, but if you make regular bets on them, that could add up.

What you can do to win more?

If you truly want to up your game in scratch cards, there are a few things you may consider doing:

  • Play in bulk—the more tickets, the more chances of winning.
  • Save your losing tickets—in scratch offs, there is usually a seconday draw using the losing tickets.
  • Get an online account—this would make your transactions more secure and your regular bets easier to complete.
  • Check the Prizes and Wait—gambling in random numbers like these is always a waiting game. Patience begets Fortune as they say.
  • Set a Budget and Keep to it—it would ultimately be easier to make regular bets if you stay within your set means.

Lottery has cast odds for you to win, but the jackpot is the most attractive in comparison. But relatively speaking, you can get more returns when playing scratch cards. Both are never guaranteed though, so discipline and realistic expectations are still prudent to be had.

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